Chanson de février (lyrics)  


And the snow was so white

And the snow was so white

I walked all day in the snow

and I had snowshoes on

Zoey rit

Zoey Gold

avec le gold tree

il y avait un golden tree dans le bois

j'ai regardé en haut dans l'arbre

et j’ai vu des gold parts

Les gold parts

Les gold velvet parts of a tree

It’s not a birch, it’s not a maple, it’s not a coniferous tree

It’s another kind of tree and we don’t know what

‘Cause she’s high in the sky with the trees

As we walked I found a little piece of bark

and I knew she was gold and I was silver


la la


la la la la la la la

Et pis là, on voit des traces de lynx

elles étaient rondes si rondes

et on n'était pas certaines

si c'était un chat ou un chien, un chat ou un chien

But we decided it was a cat

with big huge pattes, big huge pattes

and we laid in the snow


and in that moment we wanted sugar flavours in our mouths

and luckily oh luckily

there were candies to be HAD